Working Board Member

Many years of experience from the French business world and different sectors does that we can probably contribute considerably to the development of your subsidiary as operational Board Member.


In connection with acquisition of a French company can it be a good idea to have a local Danish person in the Board to secure a fast and efficient integration. Especially what concerns the communication between the two companies. Misunderstandings can easily appear and it can, as well on a very short as on a long term, cost a lot of money in terms of sudden resignations and contradictory actions.


Operational Board work cover often the following actions :


·  Active participation in periodic Board Meetings, consisting of :

     o   Preparation of specific issues

     o   Follow up on decisions taken on previous Board Meetings

·  Sparring partner to local Management

·  Sparring partner to group Management

·  Performing specific missions to strengthen the local actions by

   adding our competences and resources