Set-up of subsidiaries, aquisitions, mergers and joint ventures


AT DEVELOPMENT can assist you in examining the options of organic growth (set-up of subsidiary) or external growth (acquisitions and joint ventures) and participate in the implementation of your decision.

AT DEVELOPMENT aims at recommending the most efficient and least expensive solutions such as acquiring a French regional operating company for development on a national scale.
Regarding set-up of subsidiaries, we can offer:
-          Building up sale and service organization
-          Setting up administrative functions
-          Search for suitable premises
-          Assisting in hiring local management and employees
-          Introduction to lawyers, accountants and
 public administrations, etc.
-          Participation in implementation of IT, sales and
           administration systems
Regarding acquisitions and joint venture, we can offer:
-          Identification of companies with potential fit
-          Assistance in financial and business analyses
-          Participation in the acquisition phase
-          Participation in the integration phase
-         Tuning of organization to meet future growth targets
-    Periodic follow-up and reporting